2013 Vendor Cafe

Posted on October 9, 2013

Join us in the Vendor Cafe!  Our supplier and service provider partners are a great resource about what is new, what works and what’s around the corner.

Thursday and Friday . November 7-8
Richmond Marriott Hotel

Here is a partial list of Vendors …


Archimedia Technology Inc.
Archimedia Technology specializes in the processing, conversion, and playback of mastering formats, including JPEG 2000, without loss of quality. Archimedia’s technology encapsulates complex file interchange and quality control processes for mastering and archive formats, allowing archivists to check master media files in and out of an archive with fast, accurate, inexpensive tools.
Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic Design creates the world’s highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, video converters, video monitoring, routers, live production switchers, disk recorders, waveform monitors and film restoration software for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries. For more information check our web site at:
Christy’s Editorial Film & Video Supply
Since 1969, Christy’s Editorial has supplied the Motion Picture and Television Industries with top quality products, rentals and service. Christy’s carries a full line of Steenbeck film handling equipment, as well as splicers, splicing tape, reels, cans, cores, shipping cases, film cleaning and handling supplies, etc. for all formats of film. Five years ago, Christy’s acquired Atomic Film Company, who has been the exclusive U.S. distributor for KEM the past 16 years. Atomic provides expert sales, service and rentals of KEM and other related editorial or archival film equipment. Together, both companies provide the finest available film equipment sales, rentals, service, maintenance contracts and repairs.

We also offer Avid Editing Systems and Storage for rent, deck rentals and Post Production Facilities to house your productions.

Colorlab Corp
Full film-to-film preservation (including replasticizing as needed); film-to-tape mastering in SD and HD from 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 17.5mm, 28mm, and 35mm; and 2k liquidgate small-gauge scanning.
Crawford Media Services, Inc.
Now a leading provider of digitization, archival storage and asset management, Crawford’s mission is to help our clients clear the hurdle of digital preservation. Built on many successful projects, we offer our experience, expertise, and resources to resolve the complexity and uncertainty of digital migration.
Digital Film Technology
Film archives are of great historical importance and require long-term preservation for future generations. Whether you are considering long-term film archival of the original content and / or digitization of archival material for easier access DFT Digital Film Technology offers a complete and affordable hardware and software combination for archive facilities to secure the protection of film assets.
DigitalVision is a creator of premium color grading, restoration and film scanning solutions.
Emmy winning technology and products include the Nucoda range, for color grading and finishing and Phoenix, automated and semi-automated restoration solution for film and video. The Golden Eye film scanner and the Vintage Cloud solution provide innovative tools to for high quality film scanning, digitization, preservation and archiving.
More than 43,000 customers rely on cloud storage offerings from EVault®, a Seagate company. EVault software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions provide data protection, disaster recovery, and long-term storage, all designed to ensure your data is always available when you need it.
MXF solutions, servers
There’s a LOT TO SEE and DO with flashscan8.us!
Get your hands on the MWA Nova Choice2K+™! EASY 2336 x 1752 scanning of 8mm/Super8, 9.5mm and 16mm in real time, with sound! On the floor for hands-on transfers and sample generation.
MWA Nova’s 16/35mm Vario™ upgradable scanning platform now has even higher real-time resolutions: 2560 x 2160 on the Vario2.5K+™ HDR High Dynamic Range scanner. Learn More!
Back up your scanned files easily with Crossroads’ StrongBox.
GO BACK TO FILM at up to 7K horizontal with GCC DEFINITY film recorders.
See the Zin! VTRWorks difference between an ordinary 3/4” VTR and an ARCHIVAL unit that’s been ZinFurbished™! Cleaner Color, Longer Life for your investment. Expert VTR Service, Sales and Accessories, especially QUAD!
Examine what you’re doing with BOLAND LCD monitors. Built-in scopes and more! Get Details!
VideoMagnetics Quad VTR head refurbishing, drums and scanners for many 3/4”, 1” BetacamSP and other archiving recorders.
E-mail ted@flashscan8.us or call (530) 301-2931 to set an appointment!
Iron Mountain Entertainment Services
For more than 60 years, Iron Mountain has preserved priceless originals of blockbuster movies, popular songs, hit TV shows and other irreplaceable film and sound recordings. In doing so, the company helps major movie studios, recording labels, television production companies, and advertising agencies reduce their risk of losing or damaging these cultural artifacts, either physical or digital. Today, Iron Mountain continues to lead the industry in preserving and transferring analog and digital entertainment assets, offering unmatched expertise and resources, including: Experience in managing more than 21 million film and sound elements for more than 1,500 customers, including all of the top entertainment companies; A fully integrated digital studio to handle analog to digital transfer and storage for audio, video, and film assets; Highly secure, climate-controlled facilities that ensure preservation of valuable film and sound elements; A dedicated, trained, and screened staff of security professionals who keep assets secure and protected; A highly skilled team of award winning engineers to assist in digital transfers, migrations, and content delivery in 3 dedicated studios located within our preservation vaults, ensuring complete chain of custody of your assets.
JVC Advanced Media U.S.A. Inc.
JVC Advanced Media is providing long term archiving and migration solutions for optical discs. Our error checker is for initial and periodical testing. Our special archival grade burner and the world’s first ISO/IEC10995 certified DVD-R provides the longest migration intervals available in the market
Lasergraphics, Inc.
Since 1981, Lasergraphics has been at the forefront of film scanning and recording technology. We continue to invest heavily in innovative scanner technology R&D to meet the increasing demands of the archival and restoration markets.

Lasergraphics designs and manufactures a complete line of film scanners. The Director scans at up to 4K for archival scanning and restoration. Its Triple-flash High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers the best capture of film shadow detail of any film scanner on the market. The new ScanStation offers 2K and HD scanning, and can scan at up to 60 fps – more than two times faster than real-time – making it the fastest way to convert film to digital form. Unlike traditional telecines and real-time scanners, the ScanStation can be used by minimally-trained operators. Both scanners feature simultaneous image and sound capture, and directly generate popular file formats such as ProRes, TIFF, and DPX.
The MediaPreserve
The MediaPreserve, a division of Preservation Technologies, provides high-quality reformatting services for audio, video and film. Using expertly-modified legacy equipment as well as current technologies, our staff of engineers, librarians, archivists and metadata specialists transfer and document your collection materials according to professional standards and best practices so that your AV assets remain accessible into the future.
The Pixel Farm
The company, headquartered in the UK(Kent), was established in 2002 and has amassed collectively decades of experience in developing some of the world’s most advanced image vision technologies and finding ways to make them accessible to the global effects and restoration markets.

Prism Media Products
Established in 1987, Prism Sound produce some of the finest audio equipment in the recording and production field. Most notably their analog to digital converters have become the reference for archive and mastering grade conversion. For critical applications a discerning professionals, Prism Sound offers a variety of products to suit most needs from stereo to multichannel systems. In the US, Prism Media Products Inc. is the distribution arm for Prism Sound and also handles MASELEC, SADiE and the Test & Measurement division of Prism Sound. Contact sales@prismmpi.com for more information or call 973 983 9577.
The RTI Film Group
The RTI Group is the world-leading manufacturer of motion picture film laboratory, archival and restoration equipment, videotape migration and optical disc care and restoration equipment. The RTI Group consists of: BHP west and dry film printers and special print heads for archival films, Lipsner Smith Film Cleaners, Imagica Film Scanners and Recorders, Treise Engineering and Calder Equipment Processors, Rewash and rejuvenation equipment, Filmlab Systems Colormaster Film Color Grading and Timing Equipment, RTI Videotape Cleaners & Inspectors, Disc-Go-Technologies and DiscChek Optical Disc Repair and Inspection Equipment. We also offer CIR Film Archiving Scanners and Archival Tables, and a full line of quality control equipment, film inspection, rewinders, film splicer’s, silver recovery and chemical mixing.

STIL Casing Solution

of film works, audio tapes or digital data
Forging partnerships with prestigious institutions and individuals worldwide. Created by specialists to remain the epitome of professionals dedicated to insuring the protection and integrity of your collection, with an ongoing development of products and systems of exceptional quality.

Transmedia Dynamics (TMD)
The Mediaflex solution, including some of the latest enhancements to the product suite for the Mediaflex Collections module. This provides the functionality and workflows designed to meet the specific needs of audiovisual archives.

Tuscan Corporation
When it comes to film storage needs, Tuscan understands the importance of longevity. With 50 years as a major manufacturer of containers, reels, and cores we’ve helped preserve valuable footage for film users throughout the world. And now after extensive research, we’ve developed a revolutionary actively ventilated container that significantly improves airflow compared to standard ventilated containers. Please visit us in the Vendor Café for more information and 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm free samples.
ph: 480-288-9398 fx: 480-288-9474 email: info@tuscancorp.com

Underground Archives
Underground Archives provides solutions in subsurface, secure, stable and environmentally controlled facilities. Underground solutions provide protection from natural disasters, the ravages of temperature and humidity, and the simple passage of time.

Underground Vaults & Storage
Since 1959, UV&S has been a leader in secure offsite storage and information management, offering services ranging from managed inventory to preservation programs for the entertainment industry.
UV&S operates six nationwide locations, with its primary facility located 650 foot underground in “The Saltmine” in Kansas, serving worldwide clients from nearly every sector of industry.
Contact Kerry Sue Underwood, 661-296-4949 or Jeff Ollenburger, 800-873-0906 ext. 4203.

Video & Film Solutions
Video & Film Solutions provides services, consulting and customized solutions for motion picture images. We strive to stay on the leading edge of current video and digital graphics technologies all while applying the knowledge to help the quality and recovery of older technologies.

VTBoston/Video Transfer

Digital archiving from 35mm & 16mm film, all contemporary SD/HD and legacy video formats including 2’ Quad, Browser enabled asset retrieval, media recovery.