2017 Conference Committee

Posted on April 4, 2017

The AMIA Conference Committee is a Committee of the Board, responsible for developing the content of each year’s conference as well as for the planning of the annual event. In coordination with the steering committee, fellow committees, and the AMIA Office, this includes  scheduling conference sessions, conference events, workshops, and vendor relations.

In 2017, the Committee added the Program Group to the committee structure.  While the committee chair(s) will oversee the committee and the many different parts of the conference, the Program Co-Chairs will work with the Peer Reviewers and the Program Coordinators in reviewing, finalizing, and scheduling the conference proposals.  By adding the Program Group Chair(s), it will allow for more voices in the leadership of the Committee as well as provide easier succession for both the Committee and Program Group Chair positions.


Conference Committee 2017
Committee Chair:  Carol Radovich
Program Co-Chair:  Lindy Leong
Program Co-Chair:  Tara Kelley

Committee members include:  Roshan Kindred, Julie Lofthouse, Laura Montgomery, Brian Real, Dan Wagner, Steve Wilson, Lindsay Zarwell, as well as local committee members (still forming).

Volunteer Opportunities
The Conference Committee welcomes individuals who are interested in volunteering their time to participate in the conference planning process.  Volunteers are needed for the Local Committee, Room Share coordination, program coordinators, and more.  Interested individuals must have regular access to email. Committee work relies heavily upon email and telephone communication during all stages of the planning process. If you would like to assist with the work of the Conference Committee, please send an email to the AMIA Office at amia@amianet.org.
Peer Review Panel
More than 40 AMIA members volunteered and participated in conference peer review this year, reviewing more than 100 proposals.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the peer review process this year.


The Conference Structure

The Conference Committee is responsible for oversight of curated programming and program development of non-curated programming, including peer review.  It oversees conference programs such as Archival Screening Night and Room Share, works with a Local Committee where possible, liaisons with other committees and groups on conference activities and/or events, provides resources for speakers and chairs, promotes the conference.  Through its work with attendees and speakers it makes recommendations on policies, programs, and structure to the board and steering group.

The role of the office is to support the work of the board and conference committees and provide the logistics and infrastructure for the conference.  The office is responsible for all conference logistics, oversight of budget goals, vendor and venue relationships, as well as supporting the work of the conference chair(s), program chair(s), and special event(s) as needed.

Conference Steering Committee is made up of members of the board, the committee and the office and provides a mechanism for long-term planning for the conference through discussion and recommendations to the board. The steering group is also responsible for finalizing conference streams  and plenary sessions.