Preliminary Schedule

Posted on September 15, 2017

Below is the schedule of sessions and speakers.  Please note that sessions are e subject to change.

 Tuesday. November 28
8:30 AM Workshop:  Data Modeling and Metadata for Audiovisual Archives 
9:00 AM Workshop:  WARC IT: Archiving Social Media
Wednesday . November 29
8:30 AM Workshop:  Content Description for Time-Based Material
9:00 AM Community AV Archiving Fair: A Community Archiving Workshop & Hack Day Collaboration
12:30 PM The Reel Thing XLII
1:30 PM Workshop:  An Archivists’ Guide to Matroska
5:45 PM Networking & First-Timer Event
6:45 PM Opening Night Reception
8:00 PM Dawson City: Frozen Time |  A Screening and Q&A with Director Bill Morrison
Thursday . November 30
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30 AM Welcome to AMIA 2017!
9:30 AM AMIA 2017 Keynote:  DeEtta Jones
10:30 AM The Vendor Cafe
11:00 AM XFR Collective: Growing and Sustaining Community Audiovisual Archiving in New York City
11:00 AM Louisiana, The State We’re In: Challenges, Collaboration, & Opportunities
11:00 AM Plenary Breakout:  Turning Values Into Action
12:00 PM Meeting: Open Source Committee
12:00 PM Meeting: Cataloging and Metadata Committee
12:00 PM Meeting: Publications Committee
12:00 PM Poster Session in Vendor Café
1:00 PM Meeting: PBCore Advisory Sub-Committee
1:00 PM Meeting: Moving Image Related Materials and Documentation Committee
1:00 PM Meeting: Access Committee
1:00 PM Resume Review Table
2:00 PM Reel Bad Arabs: Lessons from Jack Shaheen’s Moving Image Archive
2:00 PM Israel Film Archive’s Digitization Project – Outline & Inspiration 
2:00 PM Providing Access to Multilingual Oral Histories for the Global Community
2:00 PM Selling the Archive: Licensing Footage at Regional Archives 
2:30 PM Managing Media Digitization Workflows
3:30 PM Reel News:  Broadcast Videotape and the Historical Record of Resistance
3:30 PM Please Come Talk to Us: An Interactive Student Chapter Session
3:30 PM A Dream Insured: Preservation of Corporate AV Builds Community Power
3:30 PM The New Preservationists:  Documentary Filmmakers are Excavating Rare Media Artifacts to Tell Their Stories
4:45 PM NATRA 1970: A 1/2″ Preservation of Black Power and Soul
4:45 PM The Winding Journey of Bill Genaust’s Iwo Jima Flag Raising Footage
4:45 PM No Time for a Hiatus: Reinvigorating Local TV Preservation
4:45 PM Disaster Response and Planning for AV Archives
5:15 PM Digital Preservation of National Cultural Heritage  Challenge and Solution: Cmam
5:15 PM Warning! Materials May be Unsettling: Sensitive AV Materials in Archives 
5:45 PM Cocktails in the Vendor Cafe 
7:00 PM Buses leave for Awards + Archival Screening Night
7:45 PM Awards + Archival Screening Night
Friday . December 1
9:00 AM The Vendor Cafe
9:30 AM The Film Archive in the University: Collaboration, Conflict, Coexistence
9:30 AM DH: Video Annotation Tools: New Pedagogical Approaches to Film + Digital Humanities
9:30 AM The Woman Behind the Camera: Uncovering an Overlooked Perspective
11:00 AM Preservation Partners: Working to Save Australia’s Oldest Student Film Collection
11:00 AM Amateur Movies: In the Archive, the Database (AMDB), and Online
11:00 AM The Films of Expo 67 – 50 Years Later
11:30 AM Data Visualization – Working with Students to Make Collections Discoverable
12:00 PM Meeting: Independent Media Committee
12:00 PM Meeting: International Outreach Committee
12:00 PM Meeting: Small Gauge and Amateur Film Committee
12:00 PM Poster Session in Vendor Café
1:00 PM Meeting: Nitrate Committee
1:00 PM Meeting: Election Committee
1:00 PM Meeting: Copyright Committee
1:00 PM Resume Review Table
2:00 PM Nontheatrical Film & Race: Recent Archival-Scholarly Collaborations
2:00 PM An Audiovisual Metadata Platform to Support Mass Description
2:00 PM Harassment in the Workplace: A Facilitated Forum
3:30 PM AV Archiving in the Cultural Heritage Sector: Defining Core Competencies
3:30 PM Let the Computer and the Public do the Metadata Work!
3:30 PM It’s 10 PM. Do you Know Who’s Handling your Print?
4:45 PM Get ‘Em While They’re Young: We Save 2 Film Workshop Overview
4:45 PM Streamlining Metadata Integration Using Curated Content Identifiers
4:45 PM Good Enough to Best: Tiered Born-Digital AV Processing
5:15 PM Making for Audiovisual Archives
5:45 PM Meeting: American Archive of Public Broadcasting
5:45 PM Meeting: Advocacy Committee
5:45 PM Meeting: Projection and Technical Presentation Committee
7:30 PM Screening:  Reel Bad Arabs: Stereotypes and the Moving Image
8:35 PM Screening: The New Orleans Case for Moving Image-Written History in the Classroom 
9:40 PM Screening:  Can Animation Help Develop New Audiences? 
Saturday . December 2
7:30 AM Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM Lightning Talks:  Outreach & Collaboration
8:45 AM AMIA Membership Meeting
9:45 AM Skill Share in Asia & Africa: Case Studies in Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, and Malawi
9:45 AM Put it on your Bucket List: Navigating Copyright to Expose Digital AV Collections at Scale
9:45 AM Copy-it-Right: Historicizing and Preserving Video Processing Tools 
11:00 AM The Great Migration: A Public Digitization Workflow
11:00 AM Building the AAPB: Inter-Institutional Preservation and Access Workflows
11:00 AM New Approaches to Digital Film Preservation
12:00 PM Meeting: Regional Audiovisual Archives
12:00 PM Meeting:  Education Committee
12:00 PM Meeting: Conference Committee
1:00 PM Meeting:  Student Chapters
1:00 PM Resume Review Table
2:00 PM Automation and Similarity: An Introduction to Perceptual Hashing
2:00 PM Collaboration in the Aesthetic Zone: Trisha Brown and Robert Rauschenberg
2:00 PM Digital pH Probe Research for Cost Effective Vinegar Syndrome Detection
2:00 PM Recipes for Disaster: Helen Hill and Post-Katrina Media Advocacy
3:30 PM Preservation is Painless: A Guide to Outsourced AV Digitization Project Management
3:30 PM Sizing Up MDPI Phase 2, We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Tote!
4:45 PM Navigating the USIA Archive with the Media Ecology Project
4:45 PM Collaborative Conversion: Open Tools and Workflows in AV Preservation
5:45 PM Closing Night Reception
7:00 PM Friends of Helen Hill: A Live Anthology of Work by/inspired by/responding to/of a piece with…