AMIA 2016 | Collaborative Notes

Posted on November 8, 2016


Thanks for helping out in taking notes!

The talks are organized per stream, so you can find them in the appropriate folder:


The AMIA 2016 Sessions folder contains the sessions that do not belong to any stream or event (DAS or The Reel Thing), organised by day.

You can easily navigate every document by using the Google Docs Document Outline functionality (from the menu: Tools > Document Outline) or just use search.

Every document is organized as follows:

Session Title

Session date

Chair: Name

Speaker 1

<feel free to type away here>

Speaker 2

<feel free to type away here, too>

<and below, if you like!>

If you like credits and eternal gratitude, feel free to drop in your name on top of the document!

Questions? Check in with:
For the Conference Online Task Force: Erwin Verbruggen   @erwinverb

For the AMIA Education Committee  @AMIAEducation