AMIA 2017 Call for Posters

Posted on July 31, 2017

The AMIA 2017 Conference Committee is pleased to invite submissions of abstracts for poster presentations.

A poster presentation is one in which information is summarized using texts and images, and presented in a poster format. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight your repository, a digitization project, a research project or other initiative, and share your work with your colleagues.

Poster sessions will be November 30 and December 1 in the Vendor Cafe area of the conference hotel. Up to eight poster presentations will be selected by the Committee for display each day. Presenters will only present their posters on one of the two days. AMIA provides the posters easels and 20×30″ mounting boards if needed. There will be tables by each poster station for handouts or other materials.

Your submission should include a title, a description for review (300 words), and an abstract for the program (150 words).

Please submit your proposal online here:

Proposal Form Button

The deadline for submissions is:  September 5, 2017.  Notification will be sent by September 22, 2017.



What is a poster session?

Poster sessions are a common feature of professional conferences, especially in fields where research and innovation play a major part. They are often scheduled to coincide with receptions or meals, to encourage the largest possible number of attendees. In general, posters presentations are less structured than a paper presentation, but they allow for greater and more detailed exchange of information and personal contact between the presenters and their audience.

The posters are typically set up in a designated room or area where conference attendees can walk around and look at all of them, and speak with the presenters one-on-one about their projects. Presenters may have handouts that summarize or expand upon the poster content; in some cases, they may also have technical demonstrations, hands-on components, samples—or a stack of business cards to encourage people to keep in touch!

Why would I  present a poster?

You can use a poster to quickly and effectively report findings from a recent study or project, discuss program outcomes and give updates on work in progress, or announce the launch of a new initiative. Well-designed posters convey important points and ideas quickly, and poster sessions are especially good at stimulating substantive interactions with your audience. If you’ve ever wished there was more time for Q&A during a panel, or wished you could just let your data speak for itself, a poster session is ideal. If you have a questionnaire to distribute or are seeking survey participants, poster sessions are a great place for that too!

Poster sessions can sometimes reach a broader cross-section of the membership than multi-speaker panels or individual papers. Posters also enable us to showcase the variety of research and other projects that AMIA members conduct throughout the year—not just the things that are ready in time for the session-proposal deadlines in the spring.

How do I submit a poster proposal?

Submission information includes the following:    Your name, institution, telephone number, postal address and e-mail address; and the title and abstract of your poster presentation (max 250 words).  You can  submit your poster proposal by clicking the button above.

Your abstract should indicate the general subject of the poster; whether this is a completed project, work in progress, new initiative, etc.; and give some idea of how visual elements and text will be combined in the final poster design.

What are the formatting requirements?

Posters should be 20 x 30” (vertical or horizontal orientation is acceptable). If you have a preliminary poster layout prepared, you may include that as a PDF attachment with your proposal. This is especially encouraged for first-time poster presenters, as it will give the poster session organizers a chance to offer feedback and suggestions.

Do I need to bring my own posterboard or easel?

Easels and mounting boards to fit the 20 x 30” poster dimensions will be provided for all presenters. Tape and glue will be available, and there will be tables by each poster station for handouts or other materials. All you need to do is bring your printed poster (and handouts, if any) to the designated area at the scheduled time.

Will you be printing my poster, or do I print it myself?

Unfortunately, AMIA can’t cover the costs of printing the large number of posters we expect to present this year. However, there are several places near the conference hotel where you can have a digital file printed in color at the appropriate size (for about $10-20, depending on your paper selection), so you don’t have to worry about bringing a cumbersome poster tube on the plane! If you have access to free or discounted large-format printing services at your home institution, you may also mail your poster ahead of time to the hotel, care of AMIA (please contact us for address information and deadlines for mailing).