AMIA Conference Online Task Force

Posted on June 23, 2016

Working with the Education Committee, the Conference Online Task Force was proposed to work towards the goal of making conference proceedings more accessible to the community.

Problem.  Although AMIA’s membership and conference attendance continues to grow and remain high many members aren’t able to access the full membership benefits. Traveling to and paying for the annual conference remains a hardship for members who have little to no financial assistance available to them through an employer. While many of the panels are now digitally recorded (and archived at the Academy), few are accessible online. Furthermore, this issue was highlighted in the most recent AMIA Conference Open Membership meeting (2015 Portland, OR) while discussing the rising costs of attending the conference.

Statement of Purpose.  The AMIA Conference Online Task Force will work towards the goal of making 2016 conference proceedings more accessible to the audio-visual archives community. To that end, the task force will determine the best (most time efficient and cost effective) way to make session materials from the 2016 conference available online, free of charge. Specifically, the task force intends to focus on implementing a live-stream and live-transcription of select sessions and hosting recorded copies online for viewing later, and creating and implementing a shared, collaborative note-taking effort. Furthermore, the task force will work to implement guidelines to repeat the infrastructure and ensure that sessions from future AMIA conferences can be live-streamed and made available online, and make a recommendation to the Board on where best in the AMIA group structure this can be accomplished.

Goals of the task force

  • Create and implement system similar to iPres/JTS of open notes/note-taking
  • Research costs and capabilities required to livestream (and keep recordings to be uploaded to of select panels, AMIA membership meeting

Task Force members include Dinah Handel, Erwin Verbruggen, Kristin Lipska, Kelle Anzalone, Carla arton, Katherine Frances Nagels, and Yvonne Ng