AMIA Trivia – Are you Game?

Posted on October 26, 2016

Test your skills, win prizes, all for a good cause.  And, more importantly, dethrone the reigning AMIA Trivia Champs!

Do you know the name of the only presidential candidate to win electoral votes after he died? Or what the name of the smallest country in the Americas is? If not, you’ll want to find a fellow colleague that does as you begin to form your team for AMIA’s  Annual Trivia Throwdown at this year’s conference in PittsburghThe Gorn.

Didn’t play last year? Shame on you! Here’s a little on how it goes …

Since the game is open to all categories (yes, all categories), you’ll want to choose your team carefully and pick the political aficionado, the comic book collector, the sports know-it-all, and the 80’s pop culture nerd. Awards will be given in the following categories: Winning Team, Best Team Name, Best Team Cheer and Best Team Spirit. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your team name or with your team’s cheer (pom-poms and dance moves are permitted).

Teams will consist of 4-8 people, no more, no less. The games will commence Wednesday, November 9th at 8:00 in the evening; teams must be sitting at their table, ready to battle at 8:30pm. Use of cell phones, tablets or help from the audience is not only not permitted, it’s just bad karma.

Don’t want to form up your own team? We’ll have teams that come together just for the night (we like to call it Survivor Trivia), so sign up as an individual or in twos or threes. If you’re new to AMIA, it’s a great way to meet your colleagues, and if you’re an AMIA conference veteran just looking to share your celebrated wisdom, here’s your chance. This is a GREAT conference mentor/first time attendee event! In fact, these pick-up teams have won the championship more than once!

The funds from Trivia Night will go to support AMIA ‘s Community Fund, providing travel grants to the annual conference.

You can sign up now (just add it to your registration) or sign up when you get to Pittsburgh.  It’s just $10 per person or $80 per table!

It’s fun and there’s
a Monkey Trophy.
What more do you need?