Call for Stream Proposals

Posted on January 3, 2016

Streams are a curated series of sessions (4-5 sessions) of 60 minutes each with a common theme that are programmed on a single day.  The stream can be stand-alone sessions, or can be progressive – building on each other throughout the day. There are multiple streams during the conference (typically one per day), and can address broad topics or specific issues facing the field that are of broad interest.

In February the Conference Steering Committee (made up of Board members and Conference Committee members) will review any stream proposals and CHOOSE  the streams for 2016.  This will allow those curating the selected streams to begin finalizing abstracts and speakers, and will allow the Conference Committee to publish the Call for Proposals indicating the streams already in place.

FOR those  interested in proposing a stream for the 2016 conference, THE PROPOSAL  will be due to the office no later than February 4, 2016.  Streams should appeal to a broad audience and may be curated by individual members and/or by AMIA Committees.  The proposal can be emailed to and should include:

  • One or two persons to coordinate the stream of programming and who will be responsible for delivering information on deadlines
  • An outline of the proposed 4-5 sessions, with 3-4 sentences each, outlining the general topic and goal
  • Any speakers already considered for the sessions
  • The names of all of those working on the curated stream
  • Any special considerations or needs for the stream

Once the stream(s) are finalized, the Committee will send out a Call for Proposals outlining the streams already in place and will use that information in considering the rest of the program.

Please note:  Because a broad range of speakers is important, speakers are limited to chairing a session or presenting only twice throughout the conference.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at



AMIA 2016
November 9-12, 2016
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