DigiPres Stream: AV Content and Digital Preservation

Posted on July 22, 2016

As part of the 2016 program, the conference offers four curated streams of programming.  The streams are indicated in the program.


DigiPres:  AV Content and Digital Preservation.   As 21st century moving image archivists, digital preservation is now a subject that affects us all. This stream focuses on the myriad questions, challenges, and opportunities raised by this subject. Presentations will range from case studies to tutorials, to deep dives into issues like sustainability and access, to spotlighting collaborative initiatives and open source projects.  Sessions will include:


Friday November 11



Friday, November 10  |  9:30am
DigiPres: Building Digital Preservation Initiatives


  • Shira Peltzman, UCLA Library


  • Hannah Frost, Stanford University Libraries
  • Anne Grant, EYE Filmmuseum
  • Erica Titkemeyer, Southern Folklife Collection

This panel focuses on exposing participants to strategies for expanding or scaling up digital preservation initiatives. Speakers will present case studies focusing on how they have successfully improved, ramped up, or built digital preservation programs from scratch at their respective organizations.


Friday, November 10  |  11:00am
DigiPres: Digital Preservation for the Rest of Us — Adapting Best Practices on a Shoestring Budget


  • Rachel Mattson, La MaMa Archives


  • Tim Babcock, Penn State University
  • Dorothea Salo, University of Wisconsin-Madison

This presentation provides a path forward for organizations or individuals who are pursuing digital preservation with limited resources. Speakers provide context for their decisions regarding preservation and provide attendees with an idea of how to move forward with preservation initiatives in manageable ways.


Friday, November 10  |  12:45pm
DigiPres: Lightning Talks


  • Kathryn Gronsbell, Carnegie Hall

This will be a bonus round of lightning talks over the lunch break in which all interested participants could sign up on the day to give lightning talks about any issue germane to the stream’s theme. Lightning talks will be capped at 5 minutes to encourage a wide variety of presentations that are not selected in the general AMIA call for presentations.


Friday, November 10  |  2:00pm
DigiPres: Managing Bodycam Video: Challenges, Needs and New Approaches


  • Snowden Becker, UCLA Department of Information Studies
  • Clarence Trapp, Pittsburgh Police Department

This session will share preliminary results from a summer 2016 IMLS funded National Forum meeting focused on data management needs arising from large scale video recording programs, and explore how those needs manifest in the Pittsburgh Police Department’s own recently launched bodyworn camera program.


Friday, November 10  |  3:30pm
DigiPres: Pushing Preservation in a Production Environment


  • Rebecca Fraimrow, rebecca_fraimow@wgbh.org


  • Nicole Martin, Human Rights Watch
  • Genevieve Havemeyer-King, NDSR-NY: Wildlife Conservation Society

This panel explores the possibilities of integrating digital preservation as a critical aspect of the media production process.


Friday, November 10  |  4:45pm
DigiPres: Theory vs. Practice


  • Tom De Smet, Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision
  • Dinah Handel, New York Public Library
  • Travis Wagner, University of South Carolina
  • Jana Grazley City of Vancouver Archives
  • Mary Kidd New York Public Library

This presentation addresses the sometimes stark divide between the theory and practice of digital preservation. Panelists will speak about the often vast distance between standards and reality of enacting those standards.