Partners & Sponsors

Posted on September 1, 2014

Our partners and sponsors are passionate about their involvement with AMIA, our members and the work we do.  And we couldn’t be more pleased to have their support.  Their generosity makes many of AMIA’s programs and projects possible.


Preservation Circle

iron mountain Iron Mountain Entertainment Services
For more than 60 years, Iron Mountain has preserved priceless originals of blockbuster movies, popular songs, hit TV shows and other irreplaceable film and sound recordings. In doing so, the company helps major movie studios, recording labels, television production companies, and advertising agencies reduce their risk of losing or damaging these cultural artifacts, either physical or digital. Today, Iron Mountain continues to lead the industry in preserving and transferring analog and digital entertainment assets, offering unmatched expertise and resources, including: Experience in managing more than 21 million film and sound elements for more than 1,500 customers, including all of the top entertainment companies; A fully integrated digital studio to handle analog to digital transfer and storage for audio, video, and film assets; Highly secure, climate-controlled facilities that ensure preservation of valuable film and sound elements; A dedicated, trained, and screened staff of security professionals who keep assets secure and protected; A highly skilled team of award winning engineers to assist in digital transfers, migrations, and content delivery in 3 dedicated studios located within our preservation vaults, ensuring complete chain of custody of your assets.

Gold Sponsor

Logo - Deluxe Deluxe Entertainment Services Group
Founded in 1915, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group ( has grown from a single film lab into the leading provider of media services in the world. Offering a comprehensive suite of services that “bridge the gap” between physical and digital archives, Deluxe enables its partners to Manage, Migrate and Maximize the impact of their collections.

As part of the Deluxe family, MediaRecall by Deluxe, Chace Audio by Deluxe, Deluxe Archive Solutions, and Cinetech have established world-class reputations in the industry through superior quality work, technical capability, and customer service. Advanced digital technologies expand global opportunities for content owners. From picture and audio restoration and preservation, to digital asset management and distribution, make Deluxe your first choice for content stewardship.

Silver Sponsors

LAC GroupLAC Group

LAC Group is the leader in Information Curation℠ & Knowledge Management solutions.  Since 1986, LAC has provided the staffing, managed services and consulting insight that drives library & archival best practices for Fortune 500 companies, major studio/broadcasters, law firms and government agencies.  LAC’s 300+ employees focus on a strategic set of offerings including: library staffing & recruiting, competitive intelligence reporting, spend management analysis, archival media storage, resource audits and web-based rights clearance & research-on-demand.

A certified woman-owned business, LAC has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Denver, Boston, Chicago, London and a new state-of-the-art tape vault in Thousand Oaks, CA (Fall 2013).  For more information please visit


Reflex TechnologiesReflex Technologies

Reflex Technologies supports of the mission of film archives to provide access, distribution and media migration of archival film content. With a 20-year history in archival scanning and nearly 100 years of film industry experience on its staff, Reflex approaches digital archiving from the filmmakers point of view.


Bronze Sponsors

XTracks provides audio separation technology, music replacement, audio restoration and complete post production services.  Our proprietary Xtraction Technology removes music, dialog or vocals from a composite mix element allowing the ability to unlock dormant titles and re-purpose existing content.  The World-class facilities, technology, in-house music catalogs and the elite team of professionals allows XTracks to conveniently bundle a variety of services under one roof.



Prasad GroupPrasad Corporation
Prasad Corporation utilizes the latest tools to scan and restore your motion picture film and still images, including the DFT Scanity with high Dynamic Range technology. We focus on offering economical solutions to help you digitize your collections and make them more accessible. As part of the Prasad Group, our team’s years of experience allow us to handle complicated restoration projects.


Underground ArchivesUnderground Archives
Underground Archives provides solutions in subsurface, secure, stable and environmentally controlled facilities. Underground solutions provide protection from natural disasters, the ravages of temperature and humidity, and the simple passage of time.

Reto ch AV Preservation by
AV Preservation by is a small, highly skilled moving image conservation and restoration facility based in Switzerland. Our team provides worldwide comprehensive services that encompass the whole range of audio-visual preservation, and offer Swiss quality at competitive price. The company is also actively engaged in a number of relevant national and international professional bodies.


MTI FilmMTI Film
High-quality digital film restoration services to studios and libraries who need pristine quality work delivered on time and in budget. Full service Post Production facility providing dailies, editorial, visual effects, color correction and assembly for film, television and commercial projects.



untitledL’Immagine Ritrovata
L’Immagine Ritrovata is a highly specialized film restoration laboratory, based in Bologna (Italy). It was born and developed thanks to Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, with which the laboratory in continual close collaboration. Today, thanks to its innovative methodologies, consistent research, and the variety and complexity of its restoration projects around the world, L’Immagine Ritrovata is a leading laboratory in the field. The laboratory is exclusively specialized in film restoration and it is equipped to cover every workflow, from 4K to photochemical. The equipment with which it is furnished is at the forefront of technological innovation and is designed for the restoration of films from all type periods.

DFTDigital Film Technology (DFT)
Film archives are of great historical importance and require long-term preservation for future generations. Whether you are considering long-term film archival of the original content and / or digitization of archival material for easier access DFT offers a complete and affordable hardware and software combination for archive facilities to secure the protection of film assets.


NBC Universal StudioPostNBC Universal StudioPost
NBC Universal StudioPost, is an 18,000 square foot ultra-modern facility dedicated to Digital Mastering, Television Mixing, Audio Restoration and Archival Restoration, and Sound Transfer.


FotoKem is a family-owned, full-service post production facility that has become a go-to resource for the worldwide creative community. Since 1963, the company has serviced every corner of the entertainment market, providing unmatched expertise, high-end solutions and innovative technologies. FotoKem offers a broad spectrum of services, including traditional photochemical preservation and digital film restoration (all film formats from 16mm to 65mm), file-based workflows, 3D digital intermediates, digital cinema mastering, mobile dailies, global data delivery, film and video finishing, audio mixing and mastering, visual effects, and production rentals.


Kodak has over a century of expertise and research dedicated to making advancements for filmmakers and the film industry. We are passionate about helping content owners preserve their moving pictures. Today’s visual stories are valuable for historical and cultural purposes, as well as future revenue generation.


Fuji 2013Fuji Motion Picture Film
FUJIFILM was founded in 1934 specifically as a motion picture film company, and in the decades since has come to be known as a pioneer in a wide range of technologies. Announced early in 2011, Fujifilm RECORDING DIGITAL SEPARATION film, Type 4791, is now being used by major Hollywood studios for archival separation masters.



Audio MechanicsAudio Mechanics
Founded in 1991, Audio Mechanics is now one of the most sought-after re-mastering studios in Southern California. They have a reputation for aesthetic integrity and extreme technical proficiency. Specializations include sound restoration, music mastering, sound editing, and forensic audio. Their facility in Burbank, CA features state-of-the-art adaptable 5.1 mastering rooms, a recording studio suitable for bands and ADR work, and a stereo mastering control room. Audio Mechanics has maintained, through word-of-mouth, an impressive list of corporate and independent clientele in the music, film, and television industries.


Digital Vision - 2012Digital Vision
Digital Vision is the supplier of premium restoration, film scanning and colour grading solutions for the broadcast, film, commercial and archive industries.  Digital Vision’s Emmy award winning technology and products include Phoenix film and video restoration, Nucoda colour grading and finishing, and Loki automation software. The Golden Eye 4 archive film scanner and the Bifrost Archive Bridge solution provide innovative tools for scanning, film digitisation, preservation and archiving. Thor is a hardware processing card designed to allow real time image processing at 4K resolutions. Digital Vision also make many of their tools available as OEM products.