Preliminary Schedule

Posted on September 16, 2016

Preliminary Schedule
Please note – all times are subject to change


Tuesday November 8
7:30am Registration Open
8:30am Workshop: DigiPres 101 [Part I]
9:00am Workshop: Film Handling 101
1:30pm Workshop: DigiPres 101 [Part II]
Wednesday November 9
7:30am Registration Open
8:00am Workshop: MOW
9:00am Workshop: Audiovisual & Preservation Technology Basics for Non-Engineers
8:30am Hack Day
11:00am Community Archiving Workshop
12:30pm The Reel Thing
6:00pm Networking & First-Timer Event
7:00pm Opening Reception
8:00pm Trivia Throwdown
Thursday November 10
7:30am Registration Open
8:00am Hack Day Lounge
7:45am Continental Breakfast [7:45am – 8:15am]
8:00am Conference Welcome
8:30am Opening Plenary | Action for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in AMIA
9:30am Vendor Café
9:45am EIA: Acknowledge:  Energy Resources Status Check
9:45am Traumatic Archives: Ethics & Accessibility
10:15am Automated QC Tools Analysis For a Better and Brighter Future
9:45am From Mass Digitization to Description: Indiana University’s Strategy to Overcome the Next Great Challenge
10:45am Break
11:00am EIA: Acknowledge: Global Climate Change
11:00am Digitization and Reassembly of Eyes on the Prize Interviews
11:00am Black Films & Blu-ray:  Strategies for Producing Home Video Packages
12:00pm Break
12:00pm Poster Vendor Café
2:00pm EIA:  Acknowledge/Adapt: Environmental Impact of Archiving
2:00pm Claiming Tech: Women, Technology, and the Spotlight
2:00pm Re-Envisioning Japan: Ephemeral Film Recuperation, Restoration, and Digital Curation
2:00pm DAS: The MTV Vault Project- Archiving the History of Music Television
3:00pm Break
3:30pm EIA: Adapt/Survive: Outside the Box Energy & Conservation Policies, Practices and Methods
3:30pm Hidden Cinema: Beyond Medicine
3:30pm DAS: Smithsonian
3:30pm Alternative Archives: Inserting African-American Stories back into the Narrative
4:45pm EIA:  Adapt/Survive: Advocating for the Survival of Moving Image Collections
4:45pm Magnascope: Researching & Recreating Early Widescreen Cinema
4:45pm Preserving Nairobi Heritage Through Audio Visual Archiving: The UNH Project
4:45pm DAS:  Facing History
5:45pm Cocktails in the Vendor Café
7:45pm Archival Screening Night
Friday November 11
7:30am Registration Open
8:00am Hack Day Lounge
7:45am Continental Breakfast [7:45am – 8:15am]
8:00am Plenary
9:15am Vendor Café
9:30am DIYCA: Building Regional AV Preservation Coalitions Using the Community Archiving Model
9:30am DigiPres: Building Digital Preservation Intiatives
9:30am Quad at 60: Preserving Local 2” Videotape
9:30pm Archiving between Studios – Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek
10:30am Break
11:00am DIYCA: Archivists Working with Individuals & Small Community Organizations
11:00am DigiPres: Digital Preservation for the Rest of Us — Adapting Best Practices on a Shoestring Budget
11:00am Overcoming Rights Paralysis: Practical Approaches to Providing Access
11:00am  From Virtual to Reality: Dissecting Jennifer Steinkamp’s Software-Based Installation
11:30am Competency-Based Frameworks for Moving Image Archiving Education: A Progress Report on Research and Development
12:00pm Poster Vendor Café
12:45pm DigiPres: Lightning Talks
2:00pm DIYCA:  Local Pittsburg Activist Archives/Archiving
2:00pm DigiPres: Managing Bodycam Video: Challenges, Needs and New Approaches
2:00pm Capturing Captioning: Problems in Preservation and Presentation of Timed Text
2:00pm Don’t Sell Shorts Short:  Preserving and Curating Shorts Collections
3:00pm Break
3:30pm  DIYCA: DIY in Technology and Archives
3:30pm DigiPres: Pushing Preservation in a Production Environment
3:30pm Archiving In A Production Environment Is An Ever-Changing Process
3:30pm Documenting Provenance: Out of Our Heads and into the Database
4:30pm Break
4:45pm DIYCA: Think-For-Yourself, Do-It-Yourself: Revealing Independent Media from Behind the Iron Curtain
4:45pm  DigiPres: Theory vs. Practice
4:45pm The National Archives, Historypin, and WWI: Anniversaries, Apps, and Audiences
4:45pm Ongoing Intermediations: Preserving Jud Yalkut and Nam June Paik
7:30pm Screening: It Happened in 16mm
8:35pm Screening:  The Eames Film Collection
9:40pm Screening: Envisioning Pittsburgh
Saturday November 12
7:30am Registration Open
7:45am Continental Breakfast [7:45am – 8:15am]
8:00am Lignting Talks: Projects We’re Working On
8:50am AMIA Membership Meeting
9:45am FTH: Building an Infrastructure for Audiovisual Archiving and Preservation Education in the Americas
9:45am Where Is My Digital Original Negative?
9:45am Reclaiming Indigenous Sacred Moving Images in Public Collections
10:15am Project Update: Richard E. Norman and Early Race Filmmaking
9:45am Screening:  Belle
10:45am Break
11:00am FTH: Student Experience Update
11:00am Screening:  Belle
11:00am Planning for Preservation in Public Media: An AAPB NDSR Update
11:00am Opportunity, Law, and Ethics: Researching, Contextualizing, and Recirculating Nontheatrical Films
2:00pm FTH: The Listening Room: A Student-Led Conversation on Diversity
2:00pm Thinking Broadly / Digging Locally: Pittsburgh’s Hidden Media History
2:00pm Opening the Archive: Mobile Media Preservation and Collection Strategies /
2:30pm Standards, AXF & designing data for long term survival
2:00pm FAIL: Learning from Past Mistakes in Ingest Workflows
3:00pm Break
3:30pm FTH: Tomorrow’s Moving Image Archivists
3:30pm Collecting “Community Copies” of Orphan Works: Technology, Archives, and Access
3:30pm Further Freaky Film Formats: Mad Scientists Edition
3:45pm AMIA/DLF Hack Day: Results and Solutions
4:30pm Break
4:45pm  FTH: The New Old Curriculum: Why 20th Century Archiving Techniques Matter in the 21st Century
4:45pm Kartemquin and Media Burn: A Collaboration Between Archivists and Producers
5:45pm Closing Cocktails