Proposal Form – Additional Information

Posted on January 16, 2015

Information Requested for Proposals


    • Speakers may only participate in two sessions during the conference.  When asking speakers to participate, it is important that you are aware if they are part of other proposals.  If more than two sessions are accepted with the same speaker, the speaker will be asked to withdraw from one or more sessions.  If your session is not viable without a particular speaker, please note that in your DESCRIPTION.
    • Any special requests should be noted on your proposal.  There is very limited funding available for speakers and equipment and no funding will be considered after the proposals are closed.  If your session is not viable without funding of some kind, please note that in your DESCRIPTION.
    • Sessions sponsored by AMIA Committees or groups.  It is important that if your session or workshop is a confirmed Committee or group project that you note that in your DESCRIPTION to allow consideration by the peer review panel.


Please indicate if your session is intended for beginning, intermediate or advanced audiences, or if there are any skills or special focus the audience should have.



Proposal submissions may include the following formats:

  • Workshop. Limited-enrollment session of half day or full day, usually designed to teach or refine skills. Typically workshops are held on the two days prior to the start of the conference.
  • Report or Paper Presentation. Fully prepared papers/reports of 15-30 minutes each and may include a comment-and-discussion period. Report/Paper presentations are typically scheduled for 30 minute slots.
  • Panel Discussion. A 60 minute session consisting of a panel of three to four individuals who discuss a variety of theories or perspectives on the given topic.
  • Incubator Session. Open session of 60 minutes, consisting of two presentations of ten minutes each that describe project, research, or collaboration initiatives in their developing or formative stages, and including at least forty minutes for audience feedback and discussion.
  • Skillshare Session.  A 60 minute session of informal presentations on a general subject area, where participants share what they know.  Proposals in this category must include a facilitator who will coordinate the session and any discussion.
  • Lightning Talks. 9-10 lively and informative five-minute talks in a sixty-minute Lightning Talk session format. The session chair secures commitments from speakers and compiles all presentation slides to ensure timely speaker transitions. Proposals in this category may suggest recommended presenters, but commitments should be secured soon after the proposal is accepted.  Talk session should be on a focused topic.
  • Alternative Format. Suggest an alternative or create your own. Alternative format sessions may take a variety of forms. Propose a moderated debate offering opposing points of view, or an “experiential” format involving simulation, role play, or games to convey key principles and learning objectives. We welcome your creative ideas about how your topic might best be addressed – the only caveat is that most rooms are set theatre style for the sessions. Proposals in this category must: 1) specify the format and session facilitator and 2) describe briefly how the format will enhance presentation of the material.


The Committee uses the peer-review notes to program the best mix of sessions and workshops.  The categories you check will help the reviewers consider their comments, and will help the Conference Committee in composing the final program.  Please note the streams already chosen for 2014.  Contact the stream curator if you believe your proposal fits into these streams – the Committee will be very careful to avoid duplication.



The Proposal Form will ask for you to list any other requirements for your session. This may include special av equipment, handouts, travel funding for speakers. It must include all requests – this will be the only opportunity to make special requests of this type.

If you are requesting additional funding of any kind it is important that you note whether or not you will be able to proceed with the session should the funding you have requested not be available. You will be asked to provide a detailed estimate of each expense requested.

Please note: Speakers or other participants in the program must register and secure institutional or personal funding. AMIA travel funding is extremely limited, and while you may request funding for speakers it is important that your proposal is not reliant on travel funding.


Participants in the program must register and secure institutional or personal funding.

The Conference Committee’s task is to have a global vision to ensure a stimulating, balanced and professional program that will meet the diverse needs of our members. The Committee is unable to accept all proposals submitted; and, some individuals who propose sessions may be asked to revise their proposals to help meet the wider needs of the program.