The Schedule at a Glance

Posted on October 31, 2015

AMIA 2015
Conference Schedule


8:00am Workshop: Film Archives and Digital Humanitie
8:00am Workshop: Planning and Designing an Oral History Project
8:30am Workshop:  Copyright 101 for Moving Image Archivists
8:30am The Third AMIA/DLF Hack Day
9:00am Workshop:  Shoot, Process, Project
10:00am Workshop:  Community Archiving
12:30pm The Reel Thing XXXVI
1:30pm Workshop:  AMIA Writer’s Workshop
6:00pm DAS Keynote
7:00pm Opening Night Cocktails
8:00pm The Annual Trivia Throwdown
7:00am Meeting: Conference Committee
7:00am Meeting: Education Committee
8:00am Hack Day Lounge
8:30am AMIA 2015 Welcome & Awards: Celebrating 25 Years
10:30am The Vendor Café
11:00am Ensuring Trustworthy Audiovisual Human Rights Documentation
11:00am Opportunities and Challenges in Northwest TV News Collections
11:00am An Amusement Fit for Half-wits: Partial Histories of Film Archives
12:00pm Nitrate Committee Open Session:  A Star is Born! The Nitrate Picture Show
12:00pm Diversity Committee Open Meeting: A Diversity Statement for AMIA
12:00pm Meeting: Publications Committee
12:00pm Meeting: Copyright Committee
12:00pm Meeting: International Outreach Committee
12:00pm Meeting: Cataloging & Metadata Committee
12:00pm Thursday Poster Session
1:00pm Meeting: Small Gauge & Amateur Film Committee
1:00pm Meeting: Open Source Committee
1:00pm Meeting: Advocacy Committee
2:00pm Using OHMS to Enhance Access to Audiovisual Collections
2:00pm Managing and Marketing Your Archive for Cinema Exhibition
2:00pm The Long Goodbye: Curation Through Careful De-accession
3:30pm Kim Jong-Il: Dictator, Cinephile, Film Preservationist?
3:30pm Party Like it’s 1999: Emulated Access to Complex Media Collections
3:30pm EXTRA: Examining AV Enterprise at a Regional Academic Archive
4:00pm Fandom Despecialized: Fan Edits and the Search for Authenticity
4:45pm How Motion Picture Film is Used to Preserve Moving Images
4:45pm From Acquisition to Access at the BFI National Archive: Case Studies
4:45pm Metadata Grand Unified Theory: PBCore, EBUCore, and the Semantic Web
5:45pm Cocktails in the Vendor Café
7:45pm Archival Screening Night
8:00am Hack Day Lounge
9:15am The Vendor Café
9:30am Ephemeral Films of National Socialism in Austria
9:30am Play Ball! Wrestling with the Challenges of Sports Collections
9:30am Designing and Building the Post-Analogue Audiovisual Archive
9:30am Advocacy: International Reference Points
10:00am Providing Digital Access to C-SPAN’s Video Record
11:00am 21st Century Film Preservation: A Case Study – Paramount Pictures
11:00am Processing Film Collections Labeled in Non-Latin Alphabets
11:00am AO&U:  Tools and Technologies for Enhancing Access to Audiovisual
11:00am Adovcacy: Personal Advocacy – The Power of One
12:00pm Open Session:  Entering the A/V Archiving Profession – Tips, Tricks and Advice
12:00pm Meeting: Independent Media Committee
12:00pm Meeting: PBCore Advisory Sub-Committee
12:00pm Meeting: Projection & Technical Presentation Committee
12:00pm Friday Poster Session
1:00pm Meeting: Access Committee
1:00pm Meeting: Moving Image Related Materials & Documentation Committee
1:00pm Meeting: News, Documentary & Television Committee
1:00pm Meeting: Online Continuing Education Task Force
2:00pm Automated Metadata Extraction – Where are we Now?
2:00pm Seeding and Leeching: Collaborative Preservation using BitTorrent
2:00pm Advocacy: Campaigns and Projects
2:00pm ACES:  A Standard for Long-term Archiving of Digital Motion Picture Materials
3:30pm Confronting the Crisis: Sustainable Preservation and Access Solutions at Scale
3:30pm Reanimating Archives: Graeme Ferguson’s Multi-screen Polar Life of Expo 67
3:30pm Validate Your Digital Assets: PREFORMA, MediaConch and File Compliance
3:30pm AO&U:  Navigating Copyright to Provide Access and Use
4:45pm Item vs. Collection Level Censuses in University Libraries
4:45pm Digital Age Metadata Services – Making Strides toward a Broadcast DAM
4:45pm Cataloging Home Movies: Current Challenges and Exploring Shared Solutions
4:45pm AO&U: Understanding What Users Need to Understand Us (and Our Data)
5:45PM Open Session: Best Practices in Fair Use
7:30pm Screening: Chicago’s First Home Video Day
8:00pm The Realness Thing: The Remastered Paris is Burning
8:35pm Reframing Portland (LIVE)
8:00am Hack Day Lounge
9:45am Archival Education in Transition: Taking Stock
9:45am Circumscribing the World of Indie Cinema: Collection, Preservation, and Naming Challenges
9:45am Preserving Film Collections for the Future: An Essential New Web Application
11:00am Competency-Based Frameworks for Moving Image Archiving Education
11:00am AO&U:  Moving Beyond Access: Unlocking the Potential of Moving Image Archival Collections
11:00am Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals: Audiovisual Redaction Project, a Matter of Life or Death
11:30am AMIA/DLF Hack Day: Results and Solutions
12:00pm AO&U: Pop Up! Access & Use
12:00pm Meeting: Regional Audiovisual Archives (RAVA) Committee
12:00pm Meeting: Magnetic Crisis Committee (MC2)
1:00pm Meeting: Preservation Committee
1:00pm SCREENING:  “This is Cinerama Remastered”
2:00pm Home Movie Registry: A Model for Uniting Collections & Users
2:00pm Growing a Global Slow Film Movement – Case Study L.A. Filmlab
2:00pm AO&U:  Methodologies for Assessment and Evaluation of Access to Moving Image Collections
3:30pm The Environmental Impact of Digital Preservation
3:30pm Sustaining Consistent Video Presentation
3:30pm Apples and Oranges: Providing Meaningful Access to Mixed Media Collect
4:45pm Through Chaos Comes Clarity: Building, Implementing & Promoting Taxonomy for Media Collections
4:45pm Mistakes Were Made: Lessons in Trial and Error from NDSR
4:45pm AO&U:  Keeping it Real: Providing Access to Physical Collections
5:45pm Closing Night Reception
7:00pm SCREENING: The Drums of Winter
7:30pm SCREENING:  Big_Sleep™: Imaginary Codecs for a Disappearing World
8:30pm It Happened in 16mm: A Night of Regional Film, Part Deux