Getting Around Pittsburgh

Posted on October 24, 2016

Adjacent to the hotel is the “T” or Pittsburgh Metro System (links all points of downtown Pittsburgh and Station Square). The metro is free in the downtown area and stops include:

    • Steel Plaza at One Mellon Center (hotel station)
    • Gateway Center
    • Wood Street
    • Station Square – located across the river (entertainment complex, restaurants and shopping)

Getting to the Hollywood Theatre

There will be shuttles for The Reel Thing and Archival Screening Night, but if you want to get there early and check out the area or if you are planning to attend Friday night’s screening, here’s some information about getting to the Hollywood:

Getting to the Hollywood should be easy. The T stop is located right at Potomac Avenue. The fare is a one zone ride and should cost $2.50 unless you are travelling at rush hour. A rush hour surcharge of 75 cents would then apply.

The ride to the theater should take no more than 20 minutes. It’s pretty scenic. At night, it seems that the T runs roughly every half an hour.


Around Town

It is strongly recommended to anyone wishing to travel in Pgh outside of the free zone (all of downtown and to the North Shore) that they acquire a ConnectCard. Anyone with the card will be a reduced fare ($2.50 per ride) vs. cash ($2.75 per ride). Exact change is required for all cash fares and cash is actually discouraged on transit. At this time, the cards are still free. You just load them with your fare amount at a designated spot and go.

There are two options near the hotel for buying their Connect passes. People can head to the Downtown Service Center on Smithfield Street which is on the other side of Mellon Square Park (located in front of the hotel). This place is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. They can also head out the Grant Street side of the hotel and go to the Steel Plaza Station located across Mellon Green near the BNY Mellon building. (Yes, we have lots of things named Mellon here.)

There is another option for travel and that is acquiring the ConnectTix card. It operates just like the ConnectCard, but is designed for visitors. It allows you to buy ride options including single, weekly, and 10-trip rides. This option expires 30 days after you purchase it. They are only sold at fare boxes and the Downtown Service Center.


From the Airport

Uber/Lyft. Transportation Network companies Uber and Lyft are now authorized to pick up and drop off passengers at Pittsburgh International Airport. These popular ride-share services are accessed through smartphone or tablet apps.

By Taxi. One-way fare between Pittsburgh International Airport and Downtown is about $40. Upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the landside terminal, lower level, exit through the “commercial” doors and head toward the taxi stand area on the curb where cabs are waiting.

SuperShuttle.  One-way fare between the airport and Downtown is about $27. Reservations can be made online at or call 800-258-3826. After claiming luggage, proceed to the SuperShuttle customer service counter located on the baggage claim level by the rental car area near Door 4.

Port Authority Transit 28X Airport Flyer.  One-way between the airport and Downtown is $3.25. (Note: Exact change is required.) Passengers are responsible for handling their bags when getting on and off the vehicle. Tipping the bus driver is not permitted.